Not just rental properties should take note of the new government photoelectric smoke alarm legislation. Because new technology reacts faster. And give you the best chance to get your family out alive.

The new legislation does focus on rental properties. However, our focus is on the family home and making it as safe as can be.

Owner occupied smoke alarms

From January 1st 2027, all existing private homes will require photoelectric interconnected smoke alarms. As well townhouses and units. These must be hardwired (eg 240v). Or non-removable (10 year battery powered type).

The following locations must have one installed:

  • On each storey
  • in each bedroom
  • in hallways that connect bedrooms and the rest of the dwelling
  • if there is no hallway, between the bedroom and other parts of the storey.
  • The most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling. This must have a smoke alarm installed (if there are no bedrooms on a storey).

What do I need to do?

Brocky’s Electrical has experience in residential smoke alarms. Before doing anything we’ll discuss with you what your needs are. And remember this is not about legislation, but about home safety.

We can help you with locations and it’s our job to get these installed correctly.

We will install your smoke alarms as per the legislation. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a detailed report.


Do I have to change anything now?

Home owners should be getting their current system inspected. Do this when the alarms are older than 10 years. Also if you have not had them checked recently.

If your system is currently operating correctly, you could wait until you have another need for our electricians to attend.

For instance, upgrade these at the same time TV mounted. Or change to new energy efficient downlights for example.

So the best thing to do is test your alarms now. Then click here to organise replacing them if they fail the test.

photoelectric smoke alarms

Who has to act now?

Anyone with smoke alarms older than 10 years should get these replaced straight away. Additionally you should get them inspected immediately if your alarms fail a test.

All rental properties need to comply with the new laws.

Can I still use battery operated smoke alarms?

  • All new constructions and major renovations require hardwired 240-volt. 
  • An existing dwelling with 240-volt alarms must replace them when required with the 240-volt photoelectric type.
  • An existing dwelling with battery operated may replace them when required. Replace these with battery operated photoelectric types that meet the Australian Standard 3786–2014.
  • All battery operated ones must be 10-year non-removable battery.

What does interconnected mean?

This means that if one detects smoke, they all sound. Either directly or wirelessly, Interconnected smoke alarms are connected to others in the dwelling .

What are the smoke alarm installation responsibilities of a landlord and tenant in a rental property?

The landlord is responsible for the installation of smoke alarms. It is the landlord’s responsibility to comply with legislation.

Additional information on installation is available Installation Fact Sheet

Do you need to be qualified or licenced to test and clean smoke alarms?

There is no legal requirement for any qualification or certification. Anyone can test or clean a domestic system.

Some real estate agents may outsource maintenance to another company. Namely, the landlord pays any associated fees.  The real estate may request a “certificate of compliance.” These companies will provide this as proof of service. This is not a legal requirement. But may be part of the real estate agent’s internal process. 

Does the smoke alarm have to be to a particular Australian Standard?

Photoelectric type smoke alarms comply with Australian Standard 3786–2014. Install or replace as per the legislation.

“Queensland Fire and Emergency Service strongly advocates to upgrade as soon as possible”

Mark Halverson QFES

More information can be found here

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